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The Power of Learning

The phrase originated in the United States during slavery, when Africans were denied education, including learning to read. Many if not most enslaved people were kept in a state of ignorance about anything beyond their immediate circumstances which were under control of owners, the law makers and authorities. When an enslaved person learned or was taught to read, it became his duty to teach someone else, spawning the phrase, "Each One, Teach One."

Each One Teach One Together, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency that provides resources and supports to all families. 


Each One Teach One Together encompasses six guiding principles:

  1. To be effective, parents need to be strong and flexible.

  2. To be supported, parents need friends that understand trauma and know how to be supportive.

  3. Parenting is part natural and part learned and therefore ongoing parent skills training is essential to blend the two. 

  4. All parents need help sometimes. Being open to receiving help, especially when in crisis, is a strength and not a weakness.

  5. Children need help in communicating effectively and parents need to develop the skills to assist  them in doing this.

  6. Parents and children need and deserve love and respect.  This reciprocal relationship can happen by learning parental behavior to enable children to feel lovable, capable, worthwhile and responsible.

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Each One Teach One Together, Inc. is a non-profit organization that relies on community support, grant funding and donations to delivery quality services to families. Please support us by donating to our organization. Your contribution is appreciated and will aid in strengthening our programs.

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